Friday, August 11, 2006

An early day at Omnicom, provided an opportunity to swing by
333 Second Ave a brand new downtown Dallas Photostudio. Aside from being one of the largest (30,000 SQ ft.) daylight studios in the Southwest with models going back and forth. WE are longtime friends of the owners.
AS always the music was pumpin', models, stylist and photogs are
going about the days task. I had an opportunity to catch up with one of my good Art Director friends. WE ended up at the Angry Dog tossing back a few a talkng about future business.
Not a bad way to end a crazy hectic week.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Art Directing a Mad crazy major soft drink web site at a Omnicom Agency. The day started on Blast. The printer alerted me after the client recieved a order of 6000 Media Kits that 1000 were not shipped (WHAT?!) Quality Control.
The merto cops busted my balls- and a catalog client call to, relieved me of my booking. Up-side - The president of TVR is securing a booking on the table with a major label. Major home building company approved Branding color theory. Calls from NY, it's all good there. (Indeed). Still breathing. Still hustlin' Birthday Shouts out to Tiny Love Dove

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sophia's Nook in Norfork, VA a upscale children's boutique
sought our servives to create a postcard for the grand opening of the shop. The Boutique is housed is a Bridal store. The creative had to show a very upscale exclusive look yet tie in with the wedding business as well. Creative branding by The Vibe Refinery brought the Vibe level up to blast. Check out the finished piece.

Tiffanys By Maya
12 Best Square
Norfolk, VA 23502

Monday, August 07, 2006

Walmart art Direction. The Ad firm in Austin created the branding we extended it to Banner ads Now running on most major news websites

What do you think?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Urban Theactical Group, Inc (UTG) of Chicago.
Choices...Do You Know your Choices? A play that is created for teens & preteens to encourge good choices
The branding includes a new company logo, Illustrations, T-shirts and a complete media kit.

TVR in strategic partnership with Urbanology, Inc. Has developed a Brand Marketing campaign for the Urban Theactrical Group, Inc (UTG) of Chicago. The branding push is in support of UTG newest stage play called Choices...Do You Know your Choices? A play that is created for teens & preteens to encourge good choices Look out for it set to run in Chicago October 2006. The branding includes a new company logo, Illustrations and a complete media kit.
The play is set to open in Chicago October 2006