Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Promise House Wins 2009 Excellence in Communications Award from the Center for Nonprofit Management

Monday, November 02, 2009

The Vibe Refinery, Inc has been selected as a winner in the 2009 American Graphic Design Awards. The winning project was the Branding effort for Nitsew-Nyrahs, LLC. Graphic Design USA a news magazine for creative professionals, has sponsored one of the largest design competitions for decades. This year saw 8,000+ entries of all kind,from print and collateral, advertising, promotions, interactive design, packaging, P-O-P, broadcast and motion graphics.

"It is always a great feeling to have your work recognized by your professional peers." says CD Jerome Jones.
Behind the scenes Austin photoshoot

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Austin, Texas has incredible vibrancy. They literally have it on the streets as captured by NY Artist Craig Hien. And a perfect place for a high energy photo shoot. The Hotel Saint Cecilia is a slice of photographic heaven and Model Talent Michelle Box and Amy Cook played the part of angels well.

Austin is HIP! as in young, recently-settled urban middle class of adults and older teenagers with interests in non-mainstream fashion and culture, particularly alternative music, independent rock, independent film and magazines. Oh yeah even the millions of bats that fly out of Bat wing park at sundown have their own vibe too.

The Vibe Refinery is helping to "Keep Austin Weird".

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Vibe Refinery Inc (TVR), kicks off it’s 2010 “Giving back going Forward© Campaign.
A series of Fundraising events for local community charities.

This years event "SOLES TO SOULS© takes place on Saturday October 17th, 2009 at Jewels by Elan an accessories boutique in Yonkers, New York.

 "SOLES TO SOULS©" is aimed at all of Westchester’s Fabulous Fashionistas -calling on them to lend a helping hand in their community while doing something they love "Shoe Shopping"!
Shopping for a cause and the causes chosen by our clients is battered/abused woman in honor of Domestic Violence Month. The benefit agencies are: The Children's Advocacy Center of Westchester County and My Sisters Place of NY.

At this event we will be accepting donations of gently worn/previously owned shoes and handbags for a percentage off of the sale of new ones from Step Into It Shoes - “For the women who dares to be different!” LeBing Collection from the Designer Carol Bing.

On hand to Host this event is noted Author Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum of HHC Publications of Yonkers, NY. She is the mother of Army Staff Sgt Courtney Hollinsworth who made the ultimate sacrifice during his second Iraq tour of duty in 2007. Mrs. Coaxum has been in the Westchester and Rockland County Press quite heavily with speaking engagements, ceremonies etc. concerning her son. Mrs. Coaxum will be reading from her new book “A Gift of Sunshine” that details child abuse and will be donating a portion of her proceeds from this event.

Special thanks to the ALL our sponsors who will be noted post event 
as sponsorships are still coming in.

Lauren LH Jones
Chief Marketing Officer
The Vibe Refinery, Inc.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nitsew-Nyrahs, LLC , launches a new website, aimed at providing a seamless online presence for delivery logistics solutions and branded apparel and promotional product needs.

Nitsew-Nyrahs, LLC tapped The Vibe Refinery, Inc to create a brand strategy and a interactive online presence. On top of tapping into social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, Nitsew-Nyrahs is aiming to woo clients with dedicated efficient and cost effective production and fulfillment. Promoting the brand while engaging the consumer by encouraging greater customer service and product awareness, and ultimately, greater loyalty. provides an online resource for the busy professional that needs a one stop solution. Contact Johnnie Banks at 201 937-0724 for all your delivery logistics and branded promotional and apparel product needs.

"Nitsew-Nyrahs has been a great client to work for" says TVR's Lauren L.H. Jones, "they came to us with an open mind and trusted our recommendations fully." Can you feel it?

Monday, July 20, 2009

We have had the distinct pleasure of working with Nichelson Entertainment on their roster of Jazz talent. The Duke Ellington small band, Shelley Carroll and kyle Turner to name a few. So when the owner Frederick Nichelson came to The Vibe Refinery to concept his latest project we knew we had to create something visually arresting yet in sync with the Title "Dream Life".
We chose to eliminate the oblivious solutions like blue skies, fancy trapping or wild groups of photos. We chose to create a very ethereal piece of artwork that fits the theme and is visual punch in the eye. This CD is by far one of Fingerprints best.
With an array of Jazz talent on this latest project you will sure to enjoy this one. Look for it on in September 2009.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson. The King of POP one of the best entertainers the world has known. Condolences to Janet Jackson and the rest of the Jackson family.
"when we are born we are hurled into a lifetime"
                                                                  Lauren L.H. Jones

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I saw Memphis Coy at Nordstom's yesterday.
Dallas has a little know secret. The Prophet Bar located in Deep Ellum. This is a hot little spot on Wednesday nights. The set starts late 10pm, but if you want to be with the Neo Soul , Hip Hop in crowd, this is the place. R.C. Williams (RCEEEZY) and The Gritz Band killed it the entire night, moving from Erykah Badu's jazzy cuts to Snoop Doggs Gin and Juice seamlessly.
DJ Jay Clipp spun some east coast flavor between sets too. The Vibe was incredible.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer is here and Tee-Shirts are everywhere. The Vibe Refinery is launching into T-shirt design mode. We have created memorable T-shirts for large and small clients alike. Watch for a new set of designs coming soon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009