Friday, June 27, 2008

A successful professional fashion photo shoot depends on many elements. The location, which can pose many challenges. The quality level of the model talent that the producer(Amy Mintz) books. The hair and make up artist (Lana Adams) skill level. The photographer (Marlon Taylor) and his command of the technical aspects. Photo assistants(Shane Boughton & Jason Stoehr )that support the photographers every request. The wardrobe stylist (Barri Martin) that meticulously assembles the merchandise. The vision of the (J. Jerome Jones) Art director that can see the finish product before a single frame has been taken, and a client that has the trust in the crew. When all of these things come together you have a successful photo shoot.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Location: The Harbor Project
Temp: A sunny 95 degrees.
Project: Business to Business Catalog PhotoShoot.
Talent: Ford Models, NY

The goal: Create high impact covers for a catalog. The print run will be in the millions.

The crew was a capable one.

Reunited with one of the trail blazers of digital fashion photography, Marlon Taylor, highly sought after wardrobe stylist; Barri Martin, Make up artist to the stars; Lana Adams. The swiss army knife of photo assistants; Shane Boughton, Super producer; Amy Mintz, Digital processing photo assistant Jason Stoehr; and The Vibe Refinery own Creative Art Director J. Jerome Jones.

The location is very versatile. Our model Rhonda was stunning in a red tank top with the cool blue waters of an Italian water fountain. Look for the post of this cover. It is sure to please.