Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Location: The Harbor Project
Temp: A sunny 95 degrees.
Project: Business to Business Catalog PhotoShoot.
Talent: Ford Models, NY

The goal: Create high impact covers for a catalog. The print run will be in the millions.

The crew was a capable one.

Reunited with one of the trail blazers of digital fashion photography, Marlon Taylor, highly sought after wardrobe stylist; Barri Martin, Make up artist to the stars; Lana Adams. The swiss army knife of photo assistants; Shane Boughton, Super producer; Amy Mintz, Digital processing photo assistant Jason Stoehr; and The Vibe Refinery own Creative Art Director J. Jerome Jones.

The location is very versatile. Our model Rhonda was stunning in a red tank top with the cool blue waters of an Italian water fountain. Look for the post of this cover. It is sure to please.