Monday, June 16, 2008

We have to go off topic for a second. Tiger Woods won the 2008 US Open today in spectacular fashion. Whether you are a golf fan or know nothing at all about the game of golf, one must appreciate this achievement.

We have witnessed a rare feat in sports history that will be talked about in sports lore for years and decades to come. Now, I know what your thinking 'but Tiger always wins.' Yes, he does but HOW he won is the amazing part. Set in California's Torrey Pines Golf course was special. Rocco Mediate was a true competitor he kept tiger at bay, playing a had fought round that kept Tiger from winning the championship in regulation. Tiger hobbled by pain in his knee from surgery months prior at times looked like he wouldn't even finish, could have folded and still keep his reputation intact. But unlike most he pressed on and on and on. Just when you thought he was out of it...he found a way to pull a tiger out of his hat.

Answering questions about the pain in his knee after every swing he replied "Its just pain"
The 2008 US open would be decided with by another round of 18 holes. The crowd learned something about two golfers today, even with Rocco playing his very best round he could not beat what we are coming to see is the best athlete in all sports. Class, grace and tremendous focus.

It would be interesting to see Nike ROI in Tiger. In the end, Tiger embodies what Nike has told us throughout the years. JUST DO IT.