Monday, October 29, 2007

Promise House, a Dallas based non-profit safe haven for teens in crisis, needed a new brand to signal to the donors, staff, community and clients that changes were abound.

Lauren Jones, President of TVR spearheaded the refining process started four months ago.
The process included a detailed look into the great work that this organization has produced as well as the services that make Promise House a great choice for teens and young families in crisis. The positive response that we recieved from every level of the organization allowed us to extract the needed elements of the rebrand.

The final approved design intergrates all the various input we recieved over the refining process. The chosen logo is a vibrant and upbeat appoach.The tangy orange color palette is balenced by the calm green and friendly blue. The logotype had to be approachable but also had to convey safety and stability. The "window panes" of the logo communicates window of opportunity for teens. The new Tagline communicates this best.