Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday morning are known to be rough. This Monday was no different! Late starts, forgotten equipment-wrong lunch orders-edgy crew. It all makes for an energy that can either pull you up or push you down. This is why you build a team of battle tested veterans that continue to perform at a high production level regardless of the elements.

Location: Deep Ellum

The exposed brick loft interior and the original worn wood floors is a perfect place to shoot brand name merchandise photography. Super producer Amy Mintz worked her magic booking nothing but very best model talent came up with two great ones. Bekka and Nicole really got what we wanted and gave it all to the camera. Spot on!

Laura Tostenson fashion stylist selected specific themed wardrobe to put together the look and feel that matched exactly to the project. Lana Adams make up artist to the stars was her usual flawless self.

Photog Marlon Taylor brought the heat...Thanks Marlon you make the impossible possible.
The assist. Photog Shane Boughton & Jason Stoehr created stunning lighting for all.