Friday, October 10, 2008

Temp 60 degrees and windy.

A brisk October morning over looking Dallas as the city starts to whirl.

The last day of shooting and the photo team is early, ready to get after the last 14 shots. The shot list includes top model talent from NY, Miami,
Vegas, Wyoming and Dallas. Drew Waters of Mad Money
arrives for two shots

Chance and Priscilla in chocolate and white a word....stunning. Great casting Amy Mintz.

we previewed the composite of the cover design via wireless network. Mitch and imaging dept really pushed the color to another level. What will the client think? Guess we will find out by lunch.

Martini shot

Jenson an John Coulter in Iris and Lime tees. In order to get the shot, Marlon makes a quick change of clothes to shoot this shot from inside the cold waters of the roof top pool. This what we like about Marlon, anything for the right shot.

The prevailing winds shifted and in a blink of an eye the conditions changed.

At twelve stories high and winds of 30+ mph. caught the Umbrella Scrim lifting a 148lbs man; a 50lbs stand; and three 25 lb sandbags into the air! Super Assistant Shane Boughton sprung into action grabbing David and stand as Jay jumped over the pool rail grabbing and anchoring Shane. We avoided what the National Weather Service said about Hurricane Ike hitting Galveston evacuate or face "Certain Death". We composed our selves steadied the scrim and continued to put the finishing touches on the last shot. This is going to be an award winng piece of work.